China Fit For A President

Christian Dior Casablanca

Christian Dior Casablanca

I’m sure you spend your days worrying about this. What china is used in the White House? Is it china named after presidents such as Lenox McKinley (for Republicans) and Lenox Jefferson (for Democrats)? Is it perhaps expensive, designer sets such as Christian Dior Casablanca or Spode Stafford Flowers. Perhaps, in the interest of keeping in touch with the common man it is a more reasonably priced Wedgwood Chinese Flowers or Lenox Rose Manor?

How about during holiday times, do the First House break out a holiday-themed pattern such as Lenox Holiday or Spode Christmas Tree? Crystal and flatware, which patterns grace the First Table of our land?

Well the answer is none of the above. Presidents have been privileged to have sets of china designed solely for them. Starting from the Wilson Administration and ever since, (although china exists going back to the Washington Administration, it appears that it was not designed exclusively for them). The following is a list of presidential china sets.

Wilson — 120 settings
FD Roosevelt — 120 settings
Truman — 120 settings
L Johnson — 216 settings
Reagan — 220 settings
Clinton — 300 settings
Bush — 320 setting formal set, 75 setting informal set

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