How Best To Store Your Flatware

Flatware. The most convenient of them all. Do not break and are so easy to handle, wash and store that we sometimes forget that they need care as well. By that we mean of course polishing from time to time.

But did you know that storing your flatware in the open can cause it to lose it’s shine and tarnish rather quickly? There are other options, whether you have sterling silver flatware, gold flatware patterns such as Oneida Golden Aquarius, Lenox Kelly Gold or stainless steel patterns such as Lenox Hancock Frosted and Oneida White Orchid, proper storage will go a long way to ensuring maximum use of your flatware at the minimum amount of hassle.

For proper storage we recommend the Hagerty 6 Piece Place Setting Roll or the Hagerty Flatware Bag. These are made with special materials carefully designed to keep your flatware looking bright and sparkling. Worth every penny.

Oneida Golden Aquarius

Oneida Golden Aquarius

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