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China Fit For A President

I’m sure you spend your days worrying about this. What china is used in the White House? Is it china named after presidents such as Lenox McKinley (for Republicans) and Lenox Jefferson (for Democrats)? Is it perhaps expensive, designer sets … Continue reading

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How Best To Store Your Flatware

Flatware. The most convenient of them all. Do not break and are so easy to handle, wash and store that we sometimes forget that they need care as well. By that we mean of course polishing from time to time. … Continue reading

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Up and Coming Active China Patterns

As you well know, we specialize in discontinued patterns of china and crystal. When manufacturers stop making the pattern you love, we step in and keep you stocked, theoretically in perpetuity (in reality, not quite so long. It all depends … Continue reading

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Classic Replacements Pinterest Boards, Continued

Continuing our series on some of the fantastic boards you’ll find on our Pinterest collection. Stuff You Would NOT Believe…… If It Weren’t True: Check out the $64,000,000 vase. No, really, that the actual price it went for. China Brand … Continue reading

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Some of Classic Replacements Pinterest Boards

I thought to take a few moments to update you on our doings on Pinterest. We’ve shared with you our excitement on the fastest growing social media tool today, Pinterest, in previous posts. Now I’ll take a few moments to … Continue reading

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The China Used On The TItanic

In keeping with the hundred year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, there’s been lots of discussion around the world’s most famous and ill-fated luxury liner in history. Which got us thinking: what china was used on the Titanic? … Continue reading

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