How To Sell Your China & Crystal Locally

Every replacement china company, in addition to selling china and crystal that have been discontinued, also buys china and crystal (and flatware) that have been discontinued. And by “buy” we mean from private individuals, not manufacturers. Why? Because the basic purpose of this business is to sell discontinued merchandise which means that the manufacturer is no longer making it. So how else can it be purchased? There is often a capability to stock up on certain patterns at the end of it’s run, but that does not last forever. At some point there is a need for more which is where you, the private individual seller come in.

A frequent question we get asked is how to locate local dealers to sell to. The reason for doing so is quite valid: the hassle of packing and shipping these items can be a burden, not to mention the hoops you’ll go through to collect on insurance should something break.

The truth is that there is no general clearing house (at this time) for all replacement dealers so you’ll need to do a bit of research. As usual your best friend is Google or other search engines. There are two ways to go about this. Either you can enter replacement china keywords and individually click on the results to see if any are located in your neighborhood or you can search in Google Maps based on your location, which will automatically sort them according to whichever is closer to where you live.

Another option is to search in the local directories such as Yelp to see what comes up. But you may want to consider that china and crystal are not like gold and silver which have multiple buyers in every town and hamlet across the US. In fact, there may be less than ten major buyers of dinnerware in the entire country! So your search for local buyers may very well end up a disappointment.

But it need not be. If you have a good china pattern such as Lenox Celtic Braid or Royal Crown Derby Derby Panel Green or a sparkling crystal pattern such as Waterford Kelsey Platinum and Waterford Ashling, the price you can get for it may be worth the hassle involved in packing and shipping. But you’ll never know if you don’t try :).

Lenox Celtic Braid

Lenox Celtic Braid

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