China Pieces That Should Be Eliminated

Continuing our theme of re-arranging the china world ;), we follow on the heels of our previous post by putting together a list of pieces that should no longer be made for most patterns. Why? These are pieces which due to changing eating habits and societal norms, are no longer used and when bought, gather dust in the china closet.

Popular, collectible patterns such as Royal Worcester Worcester Herbs, Villeroy & Boch Petite Fleur, and Spode Christmas Tree will and should feature these pieces for obvious reasons, but for your standard china pattern it is superfluous

The Cereal Bowl: It has it’s utilities, but few meals nowadays require it’s use. Time to move on. (Franciscan Apple has cereal bowls.)

Adams Lancaster Gravy Boat

Adams Lancaster Gravy Boat

The Attached Gravy Boat: Now we choose our wording carefully. We’re not calling for the elimination of the Gravy Boat per se, just the ATTACHED gravy boat. What use does it have if it will spill when you pour from it? Come to think of it, what use did it EVER have?? (See Adams Lancaster for a separate gravy boat and Christian Dior Casablanca for an attached one.

The Butter Pat: Some will quibble on this one, but who needs an individualized serving of butter ? Why can’t butter be served collectively, like everything else is? (Bing and Grondahl Seagull has a butter pat (although they should probably keep it, considering how popular that pattern is)).

The Demitasse Cup & Saucer Set: Also has some uses, but very infrequently. (Lenox Lace Point has a nice Demitasse Cup and Sacuer Set.)

The Tea Cup: Okay, got your attention on that one. The problem is that tea cups are simply too small for the way we drink nowadays. Even with the larger cups offered in newer patterns, mugs would fit today’s user much better. (Bernardaud ChateauBriand has a real nice tea cup, check it out.)

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