Can China and Crystal Be Made Kosher For Passover?

This time of year, many Jewish customers turn to us with an ironic dilemma. On the one hand what better night to showcase your entire line of beautiful china and crystal than the night of Passover, during the premier meal of the year, the Seder? Especially when the table is supposed to be set fit for a king, what says this more than Lenox Mansfield or Royal Doulton Biltmore china and Waterford Carleton Gold and Edinburgh Thistle crystal?

Okay, so what’s the problem? Go ahead and put on the show of your life! Dazzle ’em all with the color and richness of your china and the sparkle and brilliance of your crystal. And while you at it, throw in the sheen of some Oneida Golden Royal Chippendale flatware, even the name sounds like it’s straight from Buckingham Palace!

But you can’t. In many if not all cases, china and crystal used year round cannot be used at all on Passover :(. Obviously this would be a question for your Rabbi, but if the verdict is in and the china is out, what to do?

I would suggest a simple solution: (see if you can guess what comes next), go out and buy yourself a gorgeous stunning set of Herend Rothschild Bird china or Varga crystal JUST for the holiday. Imagine the excitement you’ll have when you bring out the china which you use only ONE week a year?!? What a way of adding another dimension and element of freshness and joy to an already festive time.

True, it may cost you a bit, but you will not regret it for a moment. Also, if you look at it this way, it really is a small expense….. 🙂

Lenox Mansfield China

Lenox Mansfield China

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