Our Favorite China and Crystal Collectibles

Why do people collect stuff? Who knows? I’ll leave the deeper intellectual stuff for the social scientists and psychiatrists. What I do know is that collecting is fun and often educational. It’s also not a bad way to spend your downtime and can be a meaningful way to connect and bond with family and friends.

There are a gazillion different collectible “categories” and since the advent of the Internet, most collectors of even the more esoteric subjects can find like-minded people somewhere. China and crystal collecting is a time-honored and quite varied field. Some of the biggest auction in the famous houses of Christies and Sotheby’s revolve around china and tableware collections.

My favorite collectible is Swarovski Crystal. Simply put, their items are stunning, shining marvels that brighten up all that surrounds them. In addition, there are many, many subsets to cater to every taste imaginable. Let’s mention a few of them (the order is random).

P.S. Many china patterns are highly collectible as well, Check out Lenox Holiday or Herend Rothschild Bird for example.

Christopher Radko Ornaments



Herend Figurines

Lalique Figurines

Baccarat Figurines

Wallace Ornaments

Limoges Boxes

Murano Glass

Royal Crown Derby Paperweights

Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plates

Herend Figurine - Panda Sitting Black # 15348

Herend Figurine - Panda Sitting Black # 15348

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