Broken China Dishes – What To Do With Them

It happened. A piece of your favorite china set broke. Maybe most of it is still intact but with that big, obvious chip it is no longer fit for use. Now what?

Your first move of course, is to get it replaced (you knew that was coming, didn’t you :-)). But is there anything you can do with the now-broken piece? You did shell out good money for it, it would be a shame for it to go into the garbage.

The good news? You do have options. First, there is the ability to repair china and some experts can make it look almost as if nothing has ever happened. The catch is the price. Unless this was Grandma’s most cherished piece or part of the Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica or Spode Stafford Flowers patterns, the cost for repairs is likely to be too high.

Lenox Morning Blossom

Lenox Morning Blossom

Your remaining option is to create jewelry from the broken piece. Now we’re not talking about some summer-camp arts and crafts project here. You can actually make jewelry as well as napkin rings and the like which can be quite nice accessories to your pattern. If you have the knowledge and the skills you can do it yourself (with help from your friend Google) or you can send it to companies who specialize in this field. Cuff links, rings, pendants and more can be made to order at reasonable prices.

Especially if you use the center decoration, you can end up with some really nice pieces for a small cost. Take a look at this site for some creative examples.Imagine what you could do with the center design of Lenox Autumn or Lenox Morning Blossom. Beautiful stuff.

Turn what appeared to be a big disappointment into a nice surprise (but do make sure to replace the broken dish as well ;))

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