Is There Lead In My China?

Today the news comes of a plate given as a present for the Jewish holiday of Purim may contain some degree of a poisonous substance. The said plate was supposed to be used only for decorative purposes but, as should have been expected came in contact with food. Hopefully there will be no sicknesses contracted because of this, but it does bring up the question of led in china dishes.

To make a very long story very short, china and crystal often contain lead, which is obviously harmful to humans. (Superman can do what he wants) For specifics take a look at this government report on lead in china. It appears that for those purchasing china made withing the past 30-40 years have significantly low to very little exposure to lead. Especially when purchasing for established top name brands such as Lenox, Wedgwood and Waterford.

May there be a minute risk? Possibly. Then again almost everything in life carries a risk (even sitting still is unhealthy ;)). So there is no reason to abstain from enhancing your favorite foods with Lenox Citation Gold, Wedgwood Osborne and Waterford Powerscourt.

Lenox Citation Gold

Lenox Citation Gold

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