Fine China Patterns That Are Dishwasher Safe

Continuing on our previous “dishwasher safe” post. we’ve decided to put together a list of china patterns that are safe to be put in the dishwasher. Note that this will by no means be a complete listing, just a few names of popular dishwasher safe patterns to get you started. In general, every pattern listed on Classic will state if it is dishwasher safe or not, to the extent that we can make that determination. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of that determination or of this list, it is based on the best information we can gather from public sources.

Please also note that being dishwasher safe does NOT mean microwave, freezer or oven safe. We will cover those in a later post.

Another note: The patterns below are all fine china patterns. Most everyday patterns from companies such as Crate and Barrel are dishwasher safe by their very nature as everyday patterns so we will not be covering them here. However, do make sure first if they are dishwasher safe, it is never worth assuming without checking.

Here are some well-known dishwasher-safe china patterns

Blue Danube

Franciscan Apple

Franciscan Desert Rose

Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz

Lenox Country Holly

Lenox Hayworth

Lenox Sleighride

Lenox Spring Vista

Lenox Kingston

Lenox Monroe

Lenox Charleston

Lenox Hannah Platinum

Lenox Winter Greetings

Lenox Holiday

Limoges Jammet Seignolles (Most patterns, check backstamp for verification)

Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle

Mikasa Charisma Black

Portmeirion Botanic Garden

Portmeirion Botanic Roses

Royal Albert Old Country Roses

Royal Doulton Biltmore

Royal Doulton Lichfield

Royal Worcester Worcester Herbs

Spode Christmas Tree

Wedgwood Sterling

Lenox Winter Greetings

Lenox Winter Greetings

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