You’ve Made Platinum: Top Platinum and Silver China Patterns

Continuing our hugely popular series on popular color-based china patterns (how can an article on “popular” china patterns NOT be popular ;)), today we focus on platinum heavy patterns. Yes, I know platinum is just a fancy way of saying silver and they both mean a color, not a material. (Platinum rimmed china? You wish :). Do you have any idea how much an ounce of platinum costs? At the moment of this writing it’s approximately $1,720. Heh.)

No matter, it is still one of the most desired colors when it comes to china, and we’re not talking trim here. We’re talking full blown design, a cacophony of white and silver to glorify your table. We think that silver allows you to get the most regal feeling without the sometimes overly gilded and ostentatious feeling of gold. They’re also two totally different colors, appealing to different tastes. Now, let’s get to it.

Lenox Courtyard Platinum

Lenox Hannah Platinum

Lenox Solitaire

Royal Doulton Naples

Royal Worcester Davenham Platinum

Royal Worcester Mountbatten Platinum

Spode Chelsea Platinum

Spode Stafford Platinum

Waterford Kilbarry Platinum

Wedgwood Amherst Platinum

Spode Stafford Platinum

Spode Stafford Platinum


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