The Three Parts of A Wine Goblet

Some things are so simple that nobody bothers explaining them. We assume that everyone knows what they are and move on to more detailed and complex matters. Which leaves newcomers and beginners at a distinct disadvantage: how can they begin to understand the detailed description of a product if they don’t even know the basics?

So let us continue our series on china and crystal education. Today we will focus on the footed wine glass/goblet. There are three main parts to a footed goblet:

The Bowl – The rounded, upper part of the glass which hold the liquid

(See Blue Danube Glassware for an example of a wide bowl.)

The Stem – The thin part which connects the base to the bowl and is the primary means of grasping many types of goblets.

(See Salviati Crystal Stemware for example of extremely thin and fragile (but beautiful) crystal stems)

The Base – The flat bottom upon which the glass rests.

(See Waterford Lismore Crystal for an example of a decorated and cut crystal base)

Waterford Saxony Wine Glass

Waterford Saxony Wine Glass


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