China Patterns With People’s Names

You know how people respond to their names? Even heavy sleepers will awake at the call of their name while sleeping through the Gettysburg Address on loudspeaker. And how many people feel a kinship with those who share their first names or name their children after favorite relatives or popular celebrities?

What does this got to do with dinnerware? Not much except for this. With Valentine’s Day coming, you may want to consider a china pattern that shares the name of your loved one. I know this makes non sense, but since when do these things make sense at all? But we can guarantee that it will make for quite a pleasant surprise.

There is one catch however. Most patterns that have names are named after girls so this may be a one way street. unless your last name is Madison, Jefferson and Hamilton :). (We even have Marie Antoinette!?! ;))

Here we go:

Bernardaud Madison

Bernardaud Athena

Gien Raphael

Herend Rachel

Lenox Abigail

Lenox Alyssa

Lenox Charity

Lenox Erin

Lenox Erica

Lenox Hannah

Lenox Kelly

Royal Doulton Regina

Royal Worcester Howard (Cobalt Blue)

Spode Chelsea Bird

Wedgwood Juliet

Wedgwood Bianca


Spode Chelsea Bird

Spode Chelsea Bird

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