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Fine China Patterns That Are Dishwasher Safe

Continuing on our previous “dishwasher safe” post. we’ve decided to put together a list of china patterns that are safe to be put in the dishwasher. Note that this will by no means be a complete listing, just a few … Continue reading

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Is “Dishwasher Safe” China Really Dishwasher Safe?

As we all know, you’ve got to move with the times, especially in business. Stay put and you’ll end up like the horse and buggy (or Kodak). In that vein, the trend of china being made “dishwasher safe” is a … Continue reading

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You’ve Made Platinum: Top Platinum and Silver China Patterns

Continuing our hugely popular series on popular color-based china patterns (how can an article on “popular” china patterns NOT be popular ;)), today we focus on platinum heavy patterns. Yes, I know platinum is just a fancy way of saying … Continue reading

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My Boyfriend My Ex

We all know what the most sought after gifts are c My Boyfriend My Ex ome Easter time: Eggs and Bunnys. And we’ve got plenty of those, check out our Limoges Easter Eggs and Lynn Chase Bunny Bank for example. … Continue reading

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The Three Parts of A Wine Goblet

Some things are so simple that nobody bothers explaining them. We assume that everyone knows what they are and move on to more detailed and complex matters. Which leaves newcomers and beginners at a distinct disadvantage: how can they begin … Continue reading

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China Patterns With People’s Names

You know how people respond to their names? Even heavy sleepers will awake at the call of their name while sleeping through the Gettysburg Address on loudspeaker. And how many people feel a kinship with those who share their first … Continue reading

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Patterns In Black – Top Black-Themed China Patterns

Continuing our posts focusing on the different colors in the china color palette, we present to you – black. We all know the special place the color black has as a symbol as well a fashion choice. In dinnerware it … Continue reading

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