Having Trouble Choosing a China Pattern? Keep It Simple (And White)

Sometimes, too many choices can be too much of a good thing. In fact, it can often be downright paralyzing. Should we go with black, white or color? Contemporary style or traditional? Gold trim or platinum trim? The list goes on and on.

Since there’s obviously nothing that we can do to limit the choices available (nor would we want to), here’s what can be done when indecision reigns and there is no clear cut favorite: go with the simple.

Simple in this context means designs that are minimal, with a strong white presence. Why? Because this allows you to make more choices as time goes on. Say you choose a Wedgwood Florentine Blue or a Wedgwood Columbia W595 set. Should you later want to go another direction, you will be forced to start over. These patterns have clear, distinct designs that make it difficult to integrate other styles and patterns with them.

Choosing a pattern like Lenox Snow Lily or Lenox Courtyard Gold and especially a completely white set such as Ralph Lauren Megan allows for tremendous flexibility later on. You can then keep your existing set while adding many different patterns that appeal to you now as your tastes mature and solidify.

Lenox Courtyard Gold

Lenox Courtyard Gold

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