Top Gold-Themed China Patterns

Color is often what makes an item what it is, what gives it it’s character. Not just china, everything. Cars, couches, even cats (?) all depend on color to add flavor and spice. Remember black and white photos? They’ve made a bit of a comeback as a change-of-pace, “different” style, but it’s color that dominates and color that we love.

So let’s devote a few posts highlighting different china and crystal patterns categorized by colors. First up: Gold.

Besides for being one of the two most common trims (the other being platinum/silver), gold is the most natural expression and symbol of wealth and luxury, for obvious reasons. So for those looking for the ostentatious, the loud, the brash, let’s take a look at what’s out there.

Wedgwood Florentine Gold

Royal Crown Derby Derby Panel

Lenox Eclipse

Lenox Orleans

Royal Worcester Somerset

Lenox Tuxedo Gold

Royal Doulton Royal Gold

Lenox Cretan

Lenox Harvest

Lenox Eternal

Royal Worcester Somerset

Royal Worcester Somerset

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