Ten Of The Most Expensive China Patterns Available

People like to treat themselves from time to time. There is a sense that it is deserved, that there is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with a special treat for all the hard work you do. Besides, if you won’t pamper yourself, who will?

The typical way people choose to splurge tends to be on purchases that don’t last long if at all. Vacations, meals, and trips are all fine and dandy, but also one and done. Shopping sprees tend to focus on clothing and electronics, items with quick expiration dates (anybody still using the IPhone 1?). Nothing wrong with that but there’s another way.

Why not use that me-money on something that will continue to give you joy and pleasure for decades to come? Something which you can later pass on to your kids and may even increase in value? That’s right, we’re talking about fine china. True, you may have a set already, most probably a very nice one, but why not go for the big time? Why not buy a stunning, beautiful pattern, way above your usual “social status”(with the price tag to match :-)) which you can trot out on those real special occasions? It’s hard to describe the treat this can be to you and your family when those once in a lifetime achievements and milestones are celebrated with appropriate fanfare. Just seeing the “special” china on the table will tell all involved that this is no ordinary occasion.

To get you started, here are some patterns that stand out head and shoulders above the norm, the mundane and even the excellent. These are premier china patterns and they look it.

Raynaud Duchesse

Raynaud Scheherazade

Raynaud Turenne

Raynaud Conde

William Yeoward Hampton Court

William Yeoward Avingtion

William Yeoward Gosford

Royal Crown Derby Derby Panel

Spode Stafford Flowers

Herend Queen Victoria

Raynaud Duchesse

Raynaud Duchesse

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