Looking For Kosher Dishes?

Kosher dishes? Who needs that? Are we into eating dishes these days? Ha, ha, but the truth is that there IS something called a kosher dish and it is very important to the kosher consumer, evidenced by the many requests we get for “new” discontinued china pieces, due to kosher concerns.

Dishes used with certain non-kosher foods can become non-kosher themselves and there is no way to rectify them and make them kosher. Which is less of a problem in the active china market, where almost all items are new, then the replacement market, where more often than not items are pre-owned and pre-used. So if a kosher consumer is looking to replace their favorite Royal Crown Derby Traditional Imari dish or add to their Waterford Baron’s Court set they must search for items which have never been used, and that can be hard to find.

So what to do? There are some companies that advertise new products as new, so you can take their word for it if you like. You would also be well advised to examine the piece once you receive it, used pieces will most often have some mark of wear, although not every mark must be a result of use. The best course of action would be to get on the phone and confirm with a company representative that the pieces marked new have actually never been used and have them re-examined before shipping if possible.

The same can sometimes apply to crystal patterns as well. It can be even harder to determine if crystal has ever been used or not so don’t be fooled by the sparkle of that Lenox Firelight or Waterford Hanover piece. It may have been used albeit sparingly.

So your due diligence to make sure what you need is what you get and that all is “kosher” :).

Royal Crown Derby Traditional Imari

Royal Crown Derby Traditional Imari

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