Life Is Short. Buy The China Pattern YOU Love

Are you a bride looking for your first china set? Are you middle-aged looking for something to spice up your table? Then chances are you’ll visit your local china store to see what’s available. Great patterns are to be had, from flashy Lenox Autumn and Royal Crown Derby Derby Border, to quiet Wedgwood Sterling and Lenox Eternal.

Which brings up an important point. It is natural to want to choose a current, active pattern when first shopping for your china set. After all, why not get what’s readily available? However there is a great advantage to checking out discontinued patterns. The reason is because few people buy more than one or two patterns of china during their lives. So why settle for what’s out there on the current market when you may be totally taken by a discontinued classic? Why not buy what you really love instead of what today’s market dictates?

“But it’s discontinued”, you ask, “and will impossible to get a hold of!” Which is not quite true. Yes, there are plenty of patterns that are not popular enough to sustain interest in the years after they were discontinued. But then again, there are tens of thousands of patterns that generate so much interest that they are constantly in stock at replacement china dealers. There is legitimately no worry that you will be unable to build and add to the set as you please.

Then there’s something else you shouldn’t forget: you’ll end up by us anyway, sooner rather than later. An overwhelming majority of current patterns will face the ax in the near future, especially in today’s uncertain economic times. So why not get acquainted with us right away, we’re nice people ;-). In doing so you’ll also get acquainted with such china stalwarts such as Lenox Buchanan, Minton Haddon Hall and crystal delights such as Waterford Powerscourt and Waterfod Colleen.

Open up a new world, one bigger, brighter and more colorful then you could’ve imagined.

Minton Haddon Hall

Minton Haddon Hall

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