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Having Trouble Choosing a China Pattern? Keep It Simple (And White)

Sometimes, too many choices can be too much of a good thing. In fact, it can often be downright paralyzing. Should we go with black, white or color? Contemporary style or traditional? Gold trim or platinum trim? The list goes … Continue reading

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Top Gold-Themed China Patterns

Color is often what makes an item what it is, what gives it it’s character. Not just china, everything. Cars, couches, even cats (?) all depend on color to add flavor and spice. Remember black and white photos? They’ve made … Continue reading

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World Renowned Designers Who Have Designed China and Dinnerware

The designer label is most often thought of in terms of clothing. People will pay enormous premiums for identical quality items if a famous name is attached. Don’t ask me why, but you know that it’s true :). China companies … Continue reading

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Five Of The Most Expensive Flatware Patterns Available

The third in our series on how to properly splurge on yourself, we now take a look at some flatware greats. Flatware also tends to be overlooked when it shouldn’t be. There are many unique shapes and styles that enable … Continue reading

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Ten Of The Most Expensive Crystal Patterns Available

We laid out the rationale for splurging on yourself in our last post. Now we would like to bring to your attention the best the crystal world has to offer. There is a natural tendency to view all crystal patterns … Continue reading

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Ten Of The Most Expensive China Patterns Available

People like to treat themselves from time to time. There is a sense that it is deserved, that there is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with a special treat for all the hard work you do. Besides, if you won’t … Continue reading

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Looking For Kosher Dishes?

Kosher dishes? Who needs that? Are we into eating dishes these days? Ha, ha, but the truth is that there IS something called a kosher dish and it is very important to the kosher consumer, evidenced by the many requests … Continue reading

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Things To Look For When Buying Used China

When first looking to buy china most people will look to buy new. But when a pattern is discontinued, often the only pieces available have been pre-owned and used. Which shouldn’t discourage you from making a purchase and adding to … Continue reading

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Life Is Short. Buy The China Pattern YOU Love

Are you a bride looking for your first china set? Are you middle-aged looking for something to spice up your table? Then chances are you’ll visit your local china store to see what’s available. Great patterns are to be had, … Continue reading

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