Better Not Wait For Next Year To Replace Your Broken China

Now that the holiday meals are mostly over, it’s time to take inventory. How many Baccarat Massena glasses were shattered by the lovely grand-kids? How many Royal Doulton Biltmore dinner plates became plate shards and how many Lenox Autumn platters are in tatters? It is also important to take note of which pieces there weren’t enough of as well as pieces whose absence was noticed.

We would strongly suggest, that unless you want to have problems next year, you go out and take care of business now. Why? Because now it is available and next year it may not be, then what will you do? There is also the all too common fact of nature that out of sight equals out of mind and you may wake up next yeat when it is too late (unless you enjoy paying for expedited shipping :)).

So take advantage of the great deals available and add to your set while you still can!


Royal Doulton Biltmore

Royal Doulton Biltmore

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