Ten Crystal Patterns That Will Get Your Guests Talking

Crystal always sparkles and dazzles. That’s just what it does. However, few people take a closer look at their (or their host’s) crystal. After all what difference does it make if the cut is square or diamond or if the stem is multifaceted or not? To most people, it doesn’t.

So what to do if you want your crystal to make a splash (pun intended)? Get something out of the ordinary, something different. Something with color, something with a unique shape or maybe just a pattern that is so expensive that it attracts attention by it’s price alone :).

The following are 10 crystal patterns that are bound to get noticed.

Edinburgh Thistle Cut

Baccarat Mosaique

Fostoria Christiana

Galway Old Galway

J.L. Coquet Pythagore Green

Lenox Autumn Crystal

Lenox Butterfly Meadow

Salviati Orizontal – Half Grappa

Varga Majestic Raspberry

William Yeoward Lulu

Lenox Autumn Crystal

Lenox Autumn Crystal

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