Five Flatware Patterns That May Catch Your Eye

Readers of this blog are aware that we focus heavily on china and crystal and don't often discuss flatware patterns and trends. Which is a shame and something we will try to correct this coming year. Because flatware plays a big role in properly setting the consummate table. True, there isn't as much variation in color and style as there is in china and crystal, but there is still much to discuss and admire in patterns of stainless steel, silverplate and sterling silver.

So let us start with a fan favorite: a list of unique flatware patterns. We all love to see unique stuff, even if we have no desire to own them (although you surely will in this case :)). All the following patterns are stainless steel.

Five Unique Flatware Patterns:

Lynn Chase Safari

Anna Weatherley Leaf

Sasaki Orbit

Scof Cambridge – Orange

Ercuis FB-7

Lynn Chase Safari

Lynn Chase Safari

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