Top Ten China Patterns Your Grandmother Would Love

We can already hear your reaction upon reading the title of this post. “What, are you trying NOT to sell stuff”? “Who wants to buy what Grandma loves”?? Today is all about being young and hip not traditional!!

In truth, that is accurate, mostly. But there are those who like to hearken back to earlier, simpler times, especially in today's difficult economic climate. The world revolves so fast that we often feel confused and left behind. What's more,  part of the appeal of china and dinnerware in general is that it removes us from the drive thru mentality of meals and anchors us in family and companionship. So taking a look at the favorites of yesteryear can be interesting and informative. (Or you can look so you know what NOT to buy :-)).

Top Ten China Favorites of Grandma's:

Castleton Sunnyvale

Franciscan Desert Rose

Coalport Blue Wheat

Haviland Apple Blossom

Noritake Savannah

Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz

Lenox Essex Maroon

Lenox Harvest

Royal Doulton Juliet

Wedgwood Asia

Castleton Sunnyvale Dinner Plate

Castleton Sunnyvale Dinner Plate

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