Top Ten China Patterns That Will Allow Your Food To Shine

China pieces are well known as conversation pieces. “Hey, what a nice bowl you have there” has broken the ice on many a social occasion. But there are those who prefer to let their cooking and their food catch the eyes of their guests, rather than dinnerware. For them, an elegant, subtle pattern is exactly what they are looking for.

Here are ten china patterns that will highlight the fare you are serving while adding beautifully to the ambiance and atmosphere.

Coalport Blue Wheat

Herend Golden Edge

Ralph Lauren Megan

Lenox April

Lenox Carolina

Wedgwood Sterling

Royal Doulton Royal Gold

Royal Doulton Sarabande

Royal Worcester Somerset

Wedgwood Palatia

Wedgwood Palatia Teapot

Wedgwood Palatia Teapot

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