Iconic Crystal Company Steuben Going Out of Business

Today brings the sad news of the closing of the last remaining factory of Steuben glass. I’ll leave it to another time to delve into Steuben’s rich history and unparallelled innovation and craftsmanship.

The point of this post? To reassure all crystal lovers, particularly Steuben aficionados: don’t fret, Steuben will be around for many years to come. True, the factory may have closed and there may be no more new designs made, but the myriad pieces made over the past hundred years will continue to be available at discontinued and replacement crystal stores such as Classic Replacements.

It’s not the first time we’ve done this. Not only do we provide patterns that have been discontinued, but we also stock lines from companies that have long disappeared from the public view. For example:

Syracuse Sherwood

Castleton Sunnyvale

Coalport Ming Rose

Salviati Crystal

These were all made by companies that have ceased to exist, but that has not stopped collectors and others from establishing new sets and enhancing existing ones.

So while it is always sad to see an icon go under, their legacy will remain intact (and available) for many years to come.

Salviati Crystal

Salviati Crystal

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