Which China Trim Do You Love?

When deciding which china pattern to purchase, people take into consideration many factors: Price, Quality and most of all, Design. Now design means the style and motif of the pattern, does it not? Yes it does. But what motivates people to buy a pattern can often come down to something which would see peripheral at first glance: the trim.

Our experience has shown that many people have a firm understanding of the trims they do or don’t want on their china. Some love gold while others consider it to gaudy. Some prefer a colored trim while others want no trim at all. What makes this remarkable is the amount of people who will turn down a pattern they otherwise like alot due to their dislike of the trim.

We’ve put together a list of some of the more popular trims out there, along with an example or two for your reading (and research :)) pleasure.

No trim

Wedgwood Edme

Gold Trim

Lenox Autumn

Platinum (Silver) Trim

Wedgwood Sterling

Green trim

Spode Christmas Trim

Brown Trim

Fransiscan Desert Rose

Mustard Trim

Spode Chelsea Garden

Franciscan Desert Rose

Franciscan Desert Rose

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