Sell Your China For The Most Money By Planning Ahead

Everybody knows that when you drive a new car off the lot it’s value plunges immediately. And while this applies to all cars, some take it on the chin more than others. So if you intend to sell your car at a later date and want to get the most for it, you may want to purchase a car with a reputation for holding it’s value over one that doesn’t.

The same applies for china and crystal patterns. While most people buy china for the long term which often includes passing it on to future generations, if you’re inclined to move on to newer patterns in the future, you may want to take into consideration it’s future resale value.

While it is impossible to provide exact numbers of future value or even ballpark figures, there are a number of factors that can serve as indicators whether or not your pattern will command premium prices on the secondary market.

1) How Long Your Pattern Has Been Made

Patterns like Lenox Autumn or Lenox Holiday, which have been around for ages, have developed a large customer base over the years. Should you choose to sell, chances are you’ll have people clamoring for what you have.

2) How Expensive Is Your Pattern

The more expensive the pattern the more likely people are to hold on to it and add to it. Cheap patterns are more easily discarded in favor of new ones, meaning that their market tends to shrink faster over time. Christian Dior Casablanca and Baccarat Massena come to mind as high end patterns which make people think twice before discarding.

3) The Size Of Your Service

The more pieces you have the easier it will be to sell later. Private individuals don’t have the time or the wherewithal to sell piece by piece, they look to sell entire sets. The more complete your set, the more interest it will garner.

4) How Mainstream Is The Design

To each his own of course. But if you just love the pattern with the loud, splashy colors and strawberry trim, be prepared that your enthusiasm might not be widespread and you may encounter difficulty moving it later. Villeroy and Boch Acapulco and Royal Doulton Carlyle are example of beautiful patterns which cater to specific tastes.


Villeroy & Boch Acapulco

Villeroy & Boch Acapulco

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