Cobalt Blue China Patterns – Fit For Royalty

Everyone has their favorite style when it comes to china. Some want the floral designs of yesteryear, epitomized with Castleton Sunnyvale.  Others like the boldness of Christian Dior Renaissance or the tranquility of Bing and Grondahl’s Seagull pattern.

Then there are those who favor a specific color. One of the most sought after colors in china patterns is cobalt blue. Striking, deep, rich and luxurious are the terms used to describe this attractive color.

We’ve put together a list of patterns that heavily feature Cobalt Blue. This list is by no means comprehensive and will be constantly added to.

Coalport Blue Wheat

Gorham Royal Imperial

Lenox Buchanan

Lenox Hamilton

Lenox Jefferson

Minton St. James

Royal Worcester Mountbatten Cobalt Blue

Royal Worcester Howard Cobalt Blue

Wedgwood Runnymede Blue

Bing and Grondahl Seagull

Bing and Grondahl Seagull

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