How To Spruce Up Your Holiday Table

Nothing enhances the holiday mood like a beautifully set table. The crystal sparkles, the flatware shines and the china makes you and your guests feel important and cherished. But after a while it can become routine. If you tend to have the same guests year after year (family, friends) then after a few years the impression wanes and the familiarity, while not breeding contempt, does remove the luster of the table you worked so hard to prepare.

Royal Doulton Royal Gold

Royal Doulton Royal Gold

So what to do? You can of course buy a new china service every year (and sell the old one to us:)), but let’s assume that ain’t what you’re gonna do. Instead here’s a simple idea: Make a point of adding a new piece to your set every year. Nothing huge, nothing real expensive just something to add freshness and novelty to your table. In fact it can even be a great conversation starter, as your guests rush to inquire “So what’s new this year”?

Think you have nothing to add to your long established pattern? Chances are you’re wrong. Forget about long-time stalwarts such as Lenox Holiday, Spode Christmas Tree and Lenox Charleston which have had innumerable specialty pieces made for them during their decades-long run. Even “simpler” patterns are likely to have unique pieces you can add to your set each year without breaking the bank. See below for some examples to give you an idea to work with in your own pattern.

Baccarat Massena – Champagne Flutes

Lenox Citation Gold – Cereal Bowl

Christian Dior Casablanca – Round Vegetable Bowl

Royal Doulton Royal Gold – Gravy Boat


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