Know When Your Favorite Dinnerware Pattern Is Being Discontinued

It happens all the time. A customer keeps on buying her favorite pattern year after year for many years, decades even. Then the next time they call to order more they’re told “we’re sorry, but your pattern has been discontinued and we no longer have any more of it”. Panic sets in, “what about those accent plates, those serving pieces I always wanted to get and never got around to”?

There is a tendency that when a pattern has been manufactured for so many years to assume it’s manufacture will continue forever. But unfortunately, this is not the case. Even a pattern going strong for many years such as Lenox, Autumn, Spode Christmas Tree, Lenox Holiday can be discontinued from one year to the next. Bearing witness is Wedgwood Edme which was around for 100 years (!) and was discontinued.

The truth is that you can most often get what you need for great prices at replacement china dealers such as Classic Replacements. But there is also a simple way to prevent yourself from getting to this point to begin with.

As soon as you buy your china, register with the company and ask to be notified when your pattern is being discontinued. Most companies offer this service free and many will give you advance notice for up to a few years to allow you time to get what you need. Although you really shouldn’t fret about it, we replacement specialists do a great job of meeting your needs (you did see that coming, didn’t you:)).

Spode Christmas Tree

Spode Christmas Tree

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