Herend Patterns With Multiple Borders

There are china patterns that have little color (see Lauren Megan and Lenox Citation Gold). Then there are those that are all about color such as Christian Dior Casablanca and to a lesser extent, Lenox Charleston.

Herend is all about color especially it’s most popular patterns, Rothschild Bird, Queen Victoria and Fruits and Flowers. What they’ve recently done is added a splash of bold handpainted color to the borders of popular patterns. It really makes a difference (especially in price)! The most common colors are blue, green and brown.

The following are some of the Herend Patterns with variations based on border colors:

Herend Printemps

Herend Printemps Blue Border

Herend Queen Victoria

Herend Queen Victoria Blue

Herend Queen Victoria Pink

Herend Rothschild Bird

Herend Rothschild Bird Blue

Herend Rothschild Bird Brown

Herend Rothschild Bird Green

Herend Rothschild Bird Blue Border

Herend Rothschild Bird Blue Border

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