Looking For A Christmas China Or Crystal Pattern? Look No Further.

Are you looking to start your holiday pattern? People who have decided to acquire a pattern just for the holidays have many choices. They can opt for a holiday themed pattern or just go with a nicer pattern which they keep exclusive for the holidays. Allow us to offer some suggestions to get you started. We’ll give you some choices from both active as well as discontinued patterns.


Holiday patterns you may want to consider are Lenox Holiday, Spode Christmas Tree and Lenox Winter Greetings. These patterns are overtly holiday themed featuring holly, berries and the like. They also come with a huge variety of pieces in all shapes and sizes with new ones being out out every year.

Discontinued china patterns you may want to take a look at include Villeroy & Boch Naif Christmas, Lenox Country Holly and Block Poinsetta. These patterns offer a bit of a different holiday look that may catch your fancy. Plenty of these pieces are always available at replacement specialists such as Classic Replacements.

Non-holiday themed patterns that may nevertheless fit right in with the holiday spirit include Lenox Autumn, Bing & Grondahl Seagull, Lenox Lace Point and Royal Worcester Herbs. Worcester Herbs is even oven to tableware.


Most of the china patterns above have accompanying crystal pattern which complement them nicely. In addition check out many beautiful items from Varga Crystal, Portieux Crystal and J.L. Coquet Crystal.

Let your imagination run wild this holiday season and let others see it – when they join you at your table.

Royal Worcester Herbs

Royal Worcester Herbs

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