Which China & Crystal Pieces Will Impress My Guests?

We get this question often. People ask “I have a beautiful china service, what piece or pieces can I add that will turn heads and make a stunning addition to my table”? It’s very understandable, especially if your guests have eaten with you in the past and you want something fresh to get their attention this year. They may love your Lenox Holiday, Spode Christmas Tree and Minton St. James, but if it’s the same as last year, it may be overlooked.

The truth is that everybody has their own unique tastes and what some might consider bold and refreshing may be weird and tasteless to others. That being said here are some unique piece types found in many patterns which we believe may be worthy of your attention.

China place setting pieces (served to each individual):

Cream soup and saucer set

Demitasse cup and saucer set

Napkin rings

China serving pieces:

Covered vegetable bowl

Gravy boat and underplate

Crystal place setting pieces:

Sherry glass

Champagne sherbert

Balloon wine

Crystal serving pieces:


Ships decanter

Minton St. James

Minton St. James


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