All The Variations Of The Wedgwood Ulander China Patterns

The interesting thing about the Wedgwood Ulander patterns is the wide variance between some of the patterns in this group, unlike similarly grouped patterns such as Wedgwood Columbia. Wedgwood Columbia White and Wedgwood Columbia Gold both occupy the same price range relatively, unlike Wedgwood Ulander Turquoise which is multiple times more expensive than Wedgwood Ulander Black for example.

Wedgwood Ulander Powder Turquoise

Wedgwood Ulander Powder Turquoise

Nonetheless, they’re still bound together by the same name, Ulander, so here’s another installment of our popular “pattern variation” lists. The basic similarity between these patterns is the black and white circles along the gold trim.

The Wedgwood Ulander Patterns:

Wedgwood Ulander-Black R4407
Wedgwood Ulander-Cobalt Blue
Wedgwood Ulander-Gold W4181/4222
Wedgwood Ulander-Powder Black
Wedgwood Ulander-Powder Blue W2376
Wedgwood Ulander-Powder Dark Green W4264
Wedgwood Ulander-Powder Green W4349
Wedgwood Ulander-Powder Pale Blue
Wedgwood Ulander-Powder Ruby W1813
Wedgwood Ulander-Powder Turquoise W1503
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