The Most Common Pieces of A Crystal Service

To some people, all pieces of crystal are the same. A little higher or lower, a little wider or thinner to them it makes no real difference.

Baccarat Massena

Baccarat Massena

No so to the crystal maven. Such thoughts are heresy to someone who enjoys swirling wine or champagne in a fine, hand-blown crystal glass. If Waterford Kildare, Lenox Monroe Crystal, and Baccarat Massena brings a smile to your face, then you’re the person we’re talking to. You need to know which pieces are needed for which meals and which are just “extras”.

The following is a list of the common piece types which tend to be the same across patterns and brands. If you have these then you’re well on your way to having a “full” pattern.


Main Crystal Pieces:
Balloon Wine
Brandy Glass
Claret Wine
Cordial Glass
Double Hold Fashioned
Fluted Champagne
Iced Tea
Juice Glass
Martini Glass
Old Fashioned
Port Wine
Red Wine Goblet
Sherry Glass
Shot Glass
Water Goblet
White Wine Goblet
Wine Hock
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