How To Identify Herend China

Identifying patterns in today’s day in age is not too difficult. All you need to do is too look at the back stamp of a Jammet Seignolles plate to see that it is Jammet Seignolles Diplomate. It says it right there.

But what about identifying pieces? In patterns such as Lenox Autumn, Lenox Winter Greetings and Lenox Holiday, which have numerous pieces, can boil down to an educated guessing game. Try explaining to a customer service rep that you need the piece with the round handle and design on the rim only. You mean a cake plate and he’ll send you a tea cup ;).

That is why we love Herend China.  Besides for the quality, craftsmanship, vibrant designs and all else that makes Herend one of the premier luxury dinnerware companies of our age, Herend also makes it easy to identify their pieces and patterns.

Every Herend piece is made the same across all patterns and assigned a number. So for example, a teacup is made the same for all patterns and assigned the number 734. Later on the design is added, but the piece type and it’s code stay the same. So a Herend 734 is the same piece, regardless of which pattern it is part of, making it quite easy to know which piece you have or are looking for.

One the design is added, usually by hand-painting it on, another code is added indicating the pattern. RO is Herend Rothschild Bird, VBO is Herend Queen Victoria and so on. So if you have the letter code, which represents the pattern, and the number code which represents the piece type, you have all the info you need about your piece. Now it is a cinch to get more, sell it or just know exactly what you have.

Herend Rothschild Bird

Herend Rothschild Bird

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