What To Look For When Selling Your China

There are a lot of reasons to part with your china, crystal and tableware. Most often people sell to us because they have an extra set. It works great to sell pieces of a set of Lenox April you inherited and don’t use in order to but some Lenox Holiday or Lenox Winter Greetings for the holidays.

What should you look for when selling your china? Three things:

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Location
  3. Price


Who are you selling to? Can they be trusted? Considering that you will sending expensive merchandise before you are paid, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable concern. See if they are a member of their local BBB and how long they have been in business. Give them a call if you’re not sure, over the phone it’s much easier to sniff out fraudsters and disorgnized companies.


Are you ready to pack and ship 50 lbs of china? If yes, good. If not make sure the buyer is within driving distance before you start negotiating. No need to waste their time or yours.


Stating the obvious. You want to get the most money that you can (duh). But remember the first two conditions if they are not to be trusted or are too far then their offer should not be taken seriously. Don’t let your desire for extra cash blind you into a situation you will come to regret.

Remember, money is not everything, especially if you don’t get it. if it sounds too good too be true, it most probably is (Mom WAS right after all:)).


Classic Replacements buys all types of china, crystal, flatware and collectibles. Sell your china to us!

Lenox winter Greetings Salt and Pepper

Lenox winter Greetings Salt and Pepper

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