The Most Common Pieces of A China Service

Ever wonder which pieces you need for your china service? Just because a manufacturer makes a certain piece type in your pattern doesn’t mean it will be useful to you. Some patterns such as Lenox Autumn, Lenox Holiday, Spode Christmas Tree and Lenox Winter Greetings have tons of variety and special pieces. Others like Wedgwood Sterling, Wedgwood Runnymede and Lenox April pretty much stick to the standard piece types.

Spode Christmas Tree

Spode Christmas Tree

The following is a list of the common piece types which tend to be the same across patterns and brands. If you have these then you’re well on your way to having a “full” pattern.

Bread & Butter Plate
Butter Pat
Cereal Bowl
Coffee Pot
Covered Vegetable Bowl
Cream Soup & Saucer Set
Demitasse Cup & Saucer Set
Dessert/Accent Plate
Dinner Plate
Fruit Bowl
Oval Serving Platter (large)
Oval Serving Platter (medium)
Oval Serving Platter (small)
Oval Vegetable Bowl
Round Vegetable Bowl
Salad Plate
Salt & Pepper
Soup Bowl
Sugar Bowl
Tea Cup
Tea Saucer
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