The Different Themes Of China Patterns

A pattern is the specific design applied to china pieces. However we have found that people tend to search for what they are looking for in groups or themes. Meaning that while they might not know exactly what they want, they have a general idea. Some want flashier, bolder patterns such as Lenox Autumn or Lenox Holiday, others prefer quieter understated designs such as Lenox Charleston, Lenox Eternal and Wedgwood Sterling.

Whatever your preference may be, being directed to the group/theme of your choosing can help save a lot of time you would otherwise spend browsing patterns of no interest to you. That’s why we’ve added the theme feature to every pattern on our site. Every pattern is now categorized according to theme to help you search and identify what is most appeling to you.

Of course, since there is no objective labeling standard, you may disagree with our decision and what it traditional and understated to us may be flashy and modern you, but we hope this helps as a good starting point for your search. Happy hunting!

Wedgwood Sterling Cup And Saucer

Wedgwood Sterling Cup And Saucer

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