Blue Danube China: One Of Many Patterns That Feature Accessory & Gift Pieces

There are two types of china patterns. Some are what we call “Regular Patterns” others are “Big Patterns”. Regular patterns such as Royal Doulton Carlyle and Lenox April for china and Waterford Kildare and Waterford Powerscourt for crystal are basically dinner patterns. Beautiful designs, nice pieces, perfect for a meal. But that’s it.

Then there are patterns that were such a hit that their manufacturers felt compelled to branch out with the popular design into all types of giftware and accessory items. Over the years this could come out to hundreds of different pieces types.

Blue Danube China

Blue Danube China

The biggest example is probably Royal Albert Old Country Roses which has had an enormous amount of pieces made over the years (and also inspired countless knockoff copycats). Another All time favorite is Blue Danube China made in Japan, featuring a popular blue motif.

Below are a list of additional patters, some active others discontinued that have a larger than usual assortment of pieces to choose from.

Bing & Grondahl Seagull

Blue Danube

Herend Rothschild Bird

Herend Queen Victoria

Lenox Autumn

Lenox Holiday

Lenox Rose Manor

Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle

Portmeirion Botanic Garden

Royal Albert Old Country Roses

Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted

Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica

Royal Crown Derby Old Imari

Royal Worcester Evesham Gold

Spode Christmas Tree

Spode Stafford Flowers

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