A List of All The Wedgwood Columbia Patterns

What do Wedgwood Florentine, Wedgwood Columbia, Lenox Hancock and Spode Trade Winds have in common? The all have different styles revolving around a similar basic design and as such, carry the same name (at least the first part of it).

In this post we continue out series discussing these types of patterns. Today’s pattern is Wedgwood Columbia. Columbia’s basic design is of a rim motif of flowers, dragons and other symbols trimmed by 24k gold. Some patterns have center designs, known as “medallions”, others don’t.

The following are all the variations of the Wedgwood Columbia family of patterns. NOTE: They are all discontinued except for the Wedgwood Columbia Sage Green pattern.

Wedgwood Columbia (Blue-Landscape)
Wedgwood Columbia University (Blue)
Wedgwood Columbia-Black R4418
Wedgwood Columbia-Blue & Gold R4509
Wedgwood Columbia-Drakesneck (Dark Blue/Green) W91
Wedgwood Columbia-Gold (Gold Flowers,Cream Rim) W742
Wedgwood Columbia-Gold (Gold Flowers,White Body) R4408
Wedgwood Columbia-Gold (Multicolor Flowers,Cream) W1099
Wedgwood Columbia-Gold (Multicolor Flowers,White) W1115
Wedgwood Columbia-Gold (No Flowers, 9″ Plates Only) NO #
Wedgwood Columbia-Gray & Blue W3185
Wedgwood Columbia-Gray & Green W3186
Wedgwood Columbia-Ivory Body,Blue Dragons W1786
Wedgwood Columbia-Ivory Body,Yellow Dragons W726
Wedgwood Columbia-Ivory Rim,Blue Dragons W1088
Wedgwood Columbia-Ivory Rim,Yellow Dragons W2210
Wedgwood Columbia-Platinum (9″ Accent Plates Only) NO #
Wedgwood Columbia-Powder Blue Rim,Ivory Center W748
Wedgwood Columbia-Powder Blue Rim,White Center W100
Wedgwood Columbia-Powder Green Rim W1057
Wedgwood Columbia-Powder Ruby Rim W99
Wedgwood Columbia-Powder Turquoise Rim R4634
Wedgwood Columbia-Sage Green R4409
Wedgwood Columbia-White (Gold Trim) W790
Wedgwood Columbia-White (Medallion,Green Trim) W595
Wedgwood Columbia-White (No Medallion,Green Trim) W595
Wedgwood Columbia-White (Tan Multicolor,Tan Trim) 18176
Wedgwood Columbia-White (Yellow Border Accent)

Wedgwood Columbia White W595

Wedgwood Columbia White W595

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