The Motifs Of Spode Chelsea Garden China

Our recent series has explored china patterns which are similar but distinct enough to command their own name or sub-name such as Wedgwood Florentine or Wedgwood Runnymede. Then there are patterns that contain variances that are so minute that they have no official name. Most people even ignore these difference, but there are some who like a specific design, known as a motif. Multi-motif patterns include famous ones such as Herend Rothschild Bird and Spode Stafford Flowers.

Spode Chelsea Garden

Spode Chelsea Garden

Today we will focus on a lesser known pattern made by Spode, Chelsea Garden. Spode Chelsea Garden has 24 motifs. Sounds like a lot, which it is, but the variations are minute. The basic pattern design is a white background with scalloped edges. On the rim are different bouquet of flowers and here if where the motifs diverge. They vary in amount as well as size and direction of the flowers and the bouquets.

In our experience we have never come across a collector of the Chelsea Garden pattern who specifies one motif or the other, but is still worthwhile to know that these differences exist.

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