The Different Variations Of The Wedgwood Runnymede China Patterns

In the third article of our series exploring the variations of different china patterns, we bring you Wedgwood Runnymede china. Some patterns can best be described as stalwarts including Lenox Autumn, Lenox Holiday and Wedgwood Florentine Blue. Others are more specialty-driven such as Lenox Harvest and Spode Tradewinds.

The Wedgwood Runnymede patterns are certainly in the former category. During their years in production and those that have followed, Wedgwood Runnymede patterns have been highly sought out by all who have come in contact with the magnificent patterns.

The following patterns are variations on the Wedgwood Runnymede theme:

Wedgwood Runnymede Platinum
Wedgwood Runnymede-Blue W4472
Wedgwood Runnymede-Brown W4577
Wedgwood Runnymede-Cream W3975
Wedgwood Runnymede-Green W4624
Wedgwood Runnymede-Pink W3882
Wedgwood Runnymede-Turquoise W3880
Wedgwood Runnymede-Turquoise W3808
Wedgwood Runnymede-Turquoise W4465

Why does it help to know about these subtle differences in style? Simple. If you find yourself liking this pattern, you have the freedom to choose the exact variation you adore.

Wedgwood Runnymede Blue

Wedgwood Runnymede Blue


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