Broaden Your Horizons, Explore The Discontinued China World.

There are few product lines that can suit every imaginable taste as much as china patterns can. In the millions of patterns that have been produced over the past few hundred years, it is almost impossible not to find one that catches your eye and says “Aha! This one’s for me”.

Now of course you need to know where to look. If your experience is limited to patterns currently in production such as Lenox Autumn or the different Portieux patterns, then you are unnecessarily restricting yourself to only a small fraction of what’s out there. Visit a replacement store such as Classic Replacements and your eyes will be opened to the wonders of patterns long discontinued but never forgotten.

Spode Tradewinds Blue

Spode Tradewinds Blue

You’ll see America’s farming heritage reflected in the ever popular Lenox Harvest pattern with it’s golden wheat stalks. Lenox Holiday will remind you of the holiday joy spent with family and friends. Wedgwood Florentine Blue will take you on a tour to Ancient Greece with it’s griffins and classical mythology. Spode Tradewinds will bring the sea to your home. And the list (and joys) go on and on.

BTW, don’t forget to add some gleaming Waterford Colleen or Waterford Powerscourt crystal to complement you china, fancy china and plain glass just don’t mix ;).

China is a worthwhile purchase often made just once or twice in a lifetime. Don’t restrict yourself to current, here-today-gone-tomorrow fads. Spend the time to find what YOU like, what fits your unique personality and go for it. What you’ll get is constant reminders of who you are and what you stand for. At every meal.

What could be better?

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