Patterns That Make Up The Lenox Presidential Collection

As we’ve discussed in the past every piece of china or crystal belong to a specific pattern made by its manufacturer. In addition they may also belong to a collection, which is a group of patterns that share similar characteristics.

One of the more famous collections is the Lenox Presidential Collection. Not be confused with the patterns Lenox has made for the White House, the presidential collection is made for the public and is named after presidents and a few other founding fathers. Patterns in this collection are similar mostly in name only, since all they have in common is that the pieces all share the same shape. Actually, they’re also all pretty popular so that would be a common denominator as well.

The list below is not comprehensive and we will keep adding patterns to it as we go along.

The Lenox Presidential Collection:

Lenox Buchanan

Lenox Hamilton

Lenox Hancock

Lenox Harrison

Lenox Jefferson

Lenox Mansfield

Lenox McKinley

Lenox Monroe

Lenox Montclair

Lenox Pierce

Lenox Tyler

Lenox Westchester


Lenox Hancock Accent Plate

Lenox Hancock Accent Plate

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