The Different Variations of the Fitz & Floyd Renaissance Patterns

Continuing our series on patterns that are similar but feature variations, this post will focus on the 24 different variations of Fitz and Floyd’s Renaissance patterns.

But first an interesting point to ponder. It remains a mystery why some patterns that feature similarities share the same name (such as the Wedgwood Florentine patterns), while others have their own name despite great similarity. For example Lenox Hancock and Lenox McKinley are very similar patterns with almost the same design, but retain their own unique names. There obviously is a good purpose for giving different names to different patterns, nobody is going to group Lenox Autumn together with Lenox Tuxedo, but there appears to be no set standards as to when patterns that look alike are given the same name and when not.

Now for the Fitz and FLoyd Renaissance patterns and variations: (Note: All are discontinued)

Renaissance Della Robbia
Renaissance Vistas
Renaissance-Beige Mist
Renaissance-Black On Buff
Renaissance-Black On White
Renaissance-Cerulean Blue (Japan)
Renaissance-Cerulean Blue (Switzerland)
Renaissance-Cobalt Blue (Japan)
Renaissance-Cobalt Blue (Switzerland)
Renaissance-Dark Green
Renaissance-Lapis Blue
Renaissance-Mint Green
Renaissance-Navy Blue
Renaissance-Peach (Restaurant)
Renaissance-Teal Green

Fitz & Floyd Renaissance Peac

Fitz & Floyd Renaissance Peach

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