The World’s Most Expensive China

Most people who buy fine china tend to stick to the $100 though $150 price range per place setting. Patterns such as Lenox Tuxedo, Lenox Snow Lily and Lenox Riverdale are all example of fine sets from a fine brand, catering to the middle class.

Occasionally, people will decide to spring for something a bit higher, such as Wedgwood Florentine Blue or even take a leap to Herend Rothschild Bird and Spode Stafford Flowers which are in the $500 to $800 range per place setting.

But there’s expensive and then there’s Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica. Flora Danica is the worlds most expensive, commercially produced china. Sure, there are sets commissioned privately that undoubtedly cost more, but for a pattern that’s sold to the public, Flora Danica heads the list. Flora Danica retails at this time for $6, 975 per place setting. Yes, you read that right, five pieces of this china cost almost $7,000. Serving pieces and specialty pieces are regularly prices at $25,000 to $50,000.

Well, you might say, it’s surely getting dusty sitting on the display shelves at Royal Copenhagen. But that’s not true, Flora Danica is the Royal Copenhagen’s largest source of revenue, as confirmed to us by company representatives. The volume is obviously not too high, but the revenue is. An the truth be told, there’s good reason for it. Flora Danica is not just stunning when you hear it’s price, it’s also a stunning piece of art. Every piece must be held to be appreciated. The beauty of the design, the lushness of its art, the feeling of royalty that it’s gold espouses is second to none.

Seasoned collectors (with the money to afford it) are always on the lookout for Flora Danica pieces, which is why Royal Copenhagen is constantly putting out new pieces in all designs and shapes. So if you can, treat yourself to real elegance and luxury, you will not be disappointed (although how one can eat off these plates is beyond me, I’d hang them up but that’s just me :)).

Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica

Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica

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