Top Ten China & Crystal Patterns Of The Month – July

Yes, another top ten list, but c’mon, who doesn’t like top ten lists? If people wouldn’t read them so much, we writers would stop writing them! So here it is. These are ten top patterns of china and crystal we think you’d appreciate knowing about. The patterns that make this list are a combination active and discontinued and are here based on a number of factors, be it how much we sell of them, their uniqueness and style, etc. etc. We include seasonal stuff as well.

Top China Patterns:

  • Lenox Autumn – Active Pattern. One of Lenox’s all time popular patterns. Very rich design around for almost 50 years.
  • Lenox Holiday – Active Pattern. Probably the most popular Holiday pattern in the world today.
  • Lenox Riverdale – Discontinued Pattern – Solid Lenox all around, floral design, cream background. Pretty typical of what has made Lenox great.
  • Lenox Snow Lily – Discontinued Pattern – Understated but beautiful
  • Lenox Tuxedo – Active Pattern -Gold in great measure
  • Royal Doulton Kingswood – Discontinued Pattern -Doulton has a winner in Kingswood, perfect for the summer
  • Wedgwood Florentine Blue – Discontinued Pattern – Part of the famous Wedgwood Florentine series

Top Crystal Patterns:

Royal Doulton Kingswood

Royal Doulton Kingswood

Lenox Autumn
Lenox Holiday
Lenox Riverdale Gold
Lenox Snow Lily
Lenox Tuxedo
Royal Doulton Kingswood
Waterford Ashling
Waterford Colleen
Waterford Powerscourt
Wedgwood Blue Siam
Wedgwood Florentine Blue
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