Lenox Hancock China, Presidential Collection. What Does IT Mean?

Names are more than just words, they are the handle that allow us to wield and use what we have correctly. If you need a jackhammer but don’t know what it’s called, good luck trying to buy one in Home Depot or getting your employee to pass one to you.

China pieces have names too. Usually they are restricted to the brand (manufacturer) and pattern (design). Sometimes companies group a number of patterns together into a collection. This is usually done for marketing purposes, since the term “collection” implies a certain prestige. The similarities for patterns within a collection can vary, ranging from similar patterns in look and feel to nothing in common except for their names.

For example The Lenox Hancock china pattern is part of the presidential collection by Lenox. The Lenox presidential collection is a bunch of patterns that are not similar at all except that they feature names after presidents or important Founding Fathers (hence Hancock).

Many other patterns share similar name characteristics but have no collection of their own. Lenox Erica and Lenox Erin are both nice girls name but there is no “nice girl names” collection :).

The important thing to remember is that the name you need to know is the pattern name. The collection name is forgotten as time goes on, and applies to a number of patterns anyway so it won’t get you far. Once you know that your crystal is Waterford Kildare or Waterford Powerscourt, that will be enough to help you find out whatever you need to know about it.

Lenox Hancock

Lenox Hancock

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